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Tom’s is excited to offer some Zoom background images of 6 & 40 Brewery to add some spirit to your video chats!

New to Zoom or virtual backgrounds? Check out their Getting Started Guide for more information.

Simply download your prefered background(s) to your phone, tablet or computer and add a bit of craft [beer] to your video meetings.
You can do that by clicking on the photo, or right-clicking to Save As.

Cheers, hang in there. Looking forward to sharing a pint at the brewery when this is all over.


Zoom Backgrounds - Brewdeck 1Zoom Backgrounds - Brewdeck 2Zoom Backgrounds - Fermenters 1Zoom Backgrounds - Fermenters 2Zoom Backgrounds - Brewery PipingZoom Backgrounds - Brite TanksZoom Backgrounds - Tap Line