Big T Basic – Beginner Kit



Ferment and Package 5 Gallons of Beer, Wine, Cider, or Other Beverages

The Big T Basic Kit includes everything you need to ferment, transfer, and package your homebrew. It includes equipment for testing Specific Gravity (which helps you calculate alcohol content), cleaning and sanitizing chemicals, and a few other accessories you’ll find useful as you begin your homebrewing adventures.

The Big T Basic Kit includes the following items:
2 x 6.5 gallon brewing buckets with spigots
Drilled and grommeted bucket lid
3-piece airlock (water lock)
24″ Plastic paddle
4′ vinyl transfer tubing
Bottle capper
Bottle filling wand
8oz One Step Cleaner/Sanitizer
PBW Cleaning Tablets
Triple Scale Hydrometer
Hydrometer Test Jar
Beer bottle brush

As our most affordable kit, this beginner homebrewing kit can be used in conjunction with our Five Gallon Starter Recipe Kits. If you already have a 3-5 gallon pot at home, you won’t need anything more to start making beer. This is the simplest system you can start with, but it doesn’t lack quality!

You will also need:

  • A brewing kettle
  • A recipe kit
  • 2 cases of either 22oz beer bottles or 12oz beer bottles

Alternatively, with some additional add-ons, this kit can be used to make five gallons of mead, cider, or fruit wines.