Falconers Flight Hop Pellets


Falconer’s Flight hop pellets

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Falconer’s Flight Hop Profile

This varietal is exclusive to Hop Union and was developed in honor of American Northwest brewing legend Glen Hay Falconer and released in 2010. Falconer’s Flight serves as a dual purpose brewing ingredient, imparting both a bittering quality and fruity aromatics to regional styles like Northwest style IPAs and Pale Ales.

Falconer’s Flight will generally have an alpha acid range from about 9% to 12%. If used as a flavor and aroma hop, your brew will also benefit from the light citrus, grapefruit, and tropical fruit flavors. If in need of a substitution for Falconer’s Flight, try Cascade or Columbus hops instead. Taste this sought-after hop in brews like Falconer’s Flight APA from Sly Fox Brewing Co

Tom’s Brew Shop Hop Handling Assurance

Tom’s Brew Shop purchases and repackages all hops in vacuum sealed, UV light and moisture barrier bags. We brew with the same hops we sell, so we care about the safe handling and implemented packaging procedures that are best for the shelf stability of the product.

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