Spalt Select Hop Pellets


Spalt Select hop pellets

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German Spalt Select Hop Profile

Spalt Select hops were bred at Hüll Hop Research Center and its fine aroma and high farnesene content are typical of Spalt-type hops. This variety grows quickly and develops a very strong “head”. Spalter Select is characterized by a good tolerance to diseases like wilt and downy mildew.

Pedigree Hüll breeding material
Aroma Spalt-like; spicy, floral
Alpha Acids* 3.0 – 6.5 %
Beta Acids 2.5 – 5.0 %
Cohumulone 21 – 27 % of alpha acids
Total Oil 0.6 – 0.9 ml/100g
Myrcene 20 – 40 % of total oil
Humulene 10 – 22 % of total oil
Caryophyllene 4 – 10 % of total oil
Farnesene 15 – 22 % of total oil

Tom’s Brew Shop Hop Handling Assurance

Tom’s Brew Shop purchases and repackages all hops in vacuum sealed, UV light and moisture barrier bags. We brew with the same hops we sell, so we care about the safe handling and implemented packaging procedures that are best for the shelf stability of the product.

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