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Wakatu hop pellets

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New Zealand Wakatu™

Wakatu™ Hops are dual purpose hop used for flavoring and bittering beer, which are grown in Nelson, New Zealand. They received their name from the incorrect spelling of Whakatu, the Maori name for Nelson. Being bred from the Hallertau hop, they are often semi-correctly referred to as Hallertau hops.

Aroma: Floral/lime aroma
AA% 6.5-8.5%.
Beta: 8.5%
Total Oil: 1ml per 100g cone weight
Myrcene: 35.5%
Humulene: 16.8%
Carophyllene: 8.2%
Farnesene: 6.7%

Released from Hort’s Hop Research Center in 1988, Wakatu hops are bred from Hallertauer Mittelfruh. Wakatu is best known for its substantially balanced characteristics and dual purpose brewing applications. With an alpha acid content of about 6.5% to 8.5%, and a beta acid content to match, Wakatu creates a smooth, balanced bitterness in styles like Pilsners and Bocks.

A floral aroma with citrus and lime notes adds a fresh flavor that balances bitterness and works well in Pale Ales as well.

Tom’s Brew Shop Hop Handling Assurance

Tom’s Brew Shop purchases and repackages all hops in vacuum sealed, UV light and moisture barrier bags. We brew with the same hops we sell, so we care about the safe handling and implemented packaging procedures that are best for the shelf stability of the product.

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