Weyermann® Pale Wheat


German Pale Wheat Malt

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Weyermann® Pale Wheat

Weyermann® Pale Wheat malt is an ideal foundation grain for continental wheat beer styles like Hefeweizen and Kristallweizen, and an essential ingredient in North American wheat ales. It adds very little color to wort but contributes a robust, malty-sweet flavor with notes of bread, nuts, biscuit, toffee, and light caramel. Wheat malts are high in protein, which helps produce fuller-bodied beers. Wheat malt can also improve head formation and retention, depending upon the other grist constituents. In top-fermented beers, Weyermann® Pale Wheat malt performs especially well, adding creaminess, body, and complex wheat flavors.

Color °L 1.6-2.3
Protein Total 10.0-13.0
Moisture % Max 5.5
Extract FG Min 82
Usage Rate Up to 80%

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