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Recommended Reading

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 The magazine for the Homebrewer. They also publish Special Issues which provide in-depth information on various subjects, including Hops, Malts, Styles, Equipment, etc.

Brewing Techniques
 A magazine for more advanced home and microbrewing. It explores the science of Brewing.

The HomeBrew Digest
 The computer zine available online by sending the word SUBSCRIBE to It is worth its weight in platinum.

Homebrew FAQ
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Yeast FAQ
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Hops FAQ 
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The Complete Handbook of Homebrewing by Dave Miller 
A great book for all the basics, highly recommended for beginning and intermediate brewers.

Brewing the Worlds Great Beers, Dave Miller 
Another good book which explores the basics of beer making in a simpler approach than his Handbook.

Brewing Lager Beer by Greg Noonan
 A more technical book for the Lager brewer who wants to know Why. He covers the lager brewing processes in-depth.

The New Complete Joy of Homebrewing by Charlie Papazian
 Not as recommended for beginning brewers because it contains some poor practices (like pouring Hot wort into cold water). Good info in the later pages, though applicable to more experienced brewers who know what to look for.

Principles of Brewing Science by George Fix 
Explains the fundamentals of biochemistry involved in Fermentation. A great book to really understand the brewing process.

Essentials of Beer Style by Fred Eckhardt
 A good book for targeting beer styles, provides information that can be used for formulating your own recipes for commercial beers.

The Pocket Guide to Beer by Micheal Jackson
 The most complete book of all the worlds beers and styles. The beers of each country/brewery are rated to a 4 star system. A must for beer connoisseurs.

Using Hops by Mark Garetz 
A good reference book for the different Hop varieties and their usages. Provides a more complete discussion of Hop Utilization and Bittering than can be found in other current publication.