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Styrian goldings (celeia) hop pellets

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Styrian Celeia Hop Profile

Developed at the Hop Research Institute at Zalec in Slovenia, the Celeia hop can be used for its strong aroma and mild bittering characteristics. It is most often associated with or referred to as Cerera hops, another member of the Super Styrian Hops “C Series”. It is also often lumped under the name Styrian Goldings.

With a pleasantly hoppy aroma similar to other European varietals, these hops work well in a wide spectrum of beer including English Ales, Lagers, and Bitters. An alpha acid range from about 1.3% to 6% lends a mild bittering quality. Celeia is a  dual purpose hops.

Origin: Slovenia

Aroma/Flavor: Lots of sources described this hop as being pleasant, earthy, and spicy. It has, in comparison to its Slovenian cousins, more citrus-y aromas particularly grapefruit.

Alpha Acid: 4 – 6.5%

Typical Usage: Based on its low alpha acids, this one is better used later in the boil. Brew with higher alpha hops at the start of the boil and showcase those unique flavors.

Beer Styles: Lagers, English Bitters and Ales

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