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Tom’s Brew Shop

Tom's Brew Shop

Tom’s Brew Shop – Lakewood, CO

Tom’s Brew Shop is the West Metro Denver area’s complete source for home fermentation supplies. Whether you’re interested in homebrewing beer, winemaking, cider making, or other alternative food and beverage fermentations, the crew at Tom’s Brew Shop has you covered. Tom’s is your full-service local homebrew shop (LHBS).

New to the hobby? Check out our selection of homebrew equipment kits and beer recipe ingredient kits to get started with easy, step-by-step instructions.

When you’re beer, wine, cider, or other beverage is ready to bottle, check out our selection of beer bottles, bottle caps, wine bottles, corks, PVC shrink tops, swing top bottles or other packaging options.

Tom’s offers a huge selection of different malts and grains in stock. We offer malts from around the world, including Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, and North America. For those inclined to source local products, Tom’s homebrew shop offers the full array of Proximity Malt products malted in Monte Vista, Colorado.

Tom’s Brew Shop is the exclusive homebrew shop seller of Propagate Lab (Golden, CO) homebrew yeast pitches. We also sell a variety of dry and liquid yeast cultures for beer brewing, wine yeast, mead yeast, cider yeast, and more!

Tom’s Brew Shop sells a comprehensive selection of pellet hops from all major hop-growing regions in the Czech Republic, Germany, New Zealand, Slovenia, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Ready to serve cold beer out of a kegerator at home? Tom’s Brew Shop sells KOMOS brand kegerators, carbon dioxide cylinders, keg couplers, beer line cleaning kits, and all the parts and fittings needed to serve beer out of a keg at home. We fill CO2 tanks while you wait, so there’s no need to make an extra stop!

If you’re looking for an all-in-one brewing system, Tom’s stocks and sells Brewzilla, DigiBoil and Grainfather products. We carry Anvil Buckets and Anvil Crucible conical fermentors, along with the Bucket Buddy heated stainless steel fermentor.